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Listen Up Game by The Kindness Collective

Listen Up®

The Game That Turns 
Strangers Into Family


Are you looking for a fun way to connect and build deeper relationships with your friends and family?

Do you want to discover things about your loved ones that you would have NEVER thought to ask?

Created by The Kindness Collective, Listen Up™ is a unique conversational board game that tests your listening skills and inspires deeper connections between friends and family. Packaged into a compact and easy-to-play game with over 250 questions and activities, ranging from deep and meaningful to light-hearted and fun, Listen Up is guaranteed to reveal untold stories, heartfelt moments, and plenty of laughs with those closest to you!


"I have played this game with hundreds of people around the world now in a variety of social situations - on backpacking adventures through Europe, with close family and friends that I’ve known for decades, and in various schools and mental health clinics. My favourite feature of the game is that it gives a voice to those who would usually sit in silence, and encourages active listening from those who are usually first to speak up. Many of the stories and life lessons that have been shared by players through the game have stuck with me for days, weeks or months afterwards. The vulnerability is challenging for some people, but I believe it is the best way to form deep relationships, develop greater self-awareness, and build empathy for one another."




"This innovative board game has so far provided several fantastic opportunities for my husband and I to connect with his teenage son and my teenage children. We have learnt so many things about them that we would never have thought to ask if it weren't for this creative concept."



"Probably very different game than most of us would be used to. Prompts deep conversations so its not as much a game as a conversational tool. Good to play with partner, family, friends or also in a professional setting. As a psychologist I use this game when working with teenagers and it supports the depth of our work together in a non threatening, non intimidating manner. All cards seems to have carefully thought through questions so there is no need to sort which would possibly be inappropriate in some settings. Highly recommend!"



"I love this game! I am an Occupational Therapist and I use this game with my clients who are learning social skills. Combining the Social Thinking Curriculum and the Listen Up game is such a fun way for people to learn! Thanks heaps for making therapy fun for my young adults :)



"I bought this game for my daughter and we played it as a family, it was great to get to know my kids even better and a good way for my girlfriend and kids to get to know each other. It makes it easy to connect with people and open up more than you would normally with small talk."



"Incredible board game. Easy to play, easy to get into. I've played it with one to ten people; we had awesome nights and all learned something about one another (strangers and friends. Brilliant!"



Listen up is a game that encourages, in a safe environment, communication and conversation. What I particularly love is that I have learned to truly listen. It is less about speaking and more about really hearing someones experiences and opinion without necessarily having an opinion back. I have been playing Listen up online since Covid 19 started and look forward to Tuesday nights where familiar people and strangers become friends. It has served as a great way to stay connected at a time when connections are so important.


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